Devanga Arts College

(A Linguistic Minority Co-Educational Institution)

(Affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University)

Aruppukottai - 626 101

Devanga Arts College

(A Linguistic Minority Co-Educational Institution)

(Affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University)

Aruppukottai - 626 101

Devanga Arts College (DAC) have some rules and regulations.Students should strictly adhere to the rules and regulations regarding conduct and discipline of the institution

1. The library will be kept open on all working days from 9-30 A.M. to 6-00 P.M. On Sundays and other holidays of the college which are also public holidays in Tamilnadu, the library will be closed. Other than the weekly holidays, mid semester and semester holidays and state Government holidays the library will work between 10-00 A.M. and 1-00 P.M. The library will also remain closed during summer vacation.

2. The library will work under the open access system.

3. The library consists of three sections.

a) Reference

b) Lending

c) Reading Room

4. Reference: Encyclopaedias, dictionaries and other kinds of books which are in constant demand, costly books and such other books as may from time to time, be considered necessary for ready reference are placed in the reference section. Reference books cannot be taken outside the pre mises of the library.

5. Lending Section: All books except those marked ‘Reference’ belong to the lending section.

6. Every student will be given two “borrower’s tickets”. One ticket must be presented for every book borrowed, whether from the general or sectional libraries.

7. Students should borrow books on their own tickets. On no account they will be permitted to borrow on other’s tickets.

8. When a student returns his book, he must take back his ticket, otherwise the student will be held responsible for the book.

9. Students are prohibited from sublending the books.

10. Books should be returned on the due date before 1-00 P.M. A student failing to do so will be fined 25 paise for each day the book is delayed.

11. Absence from the college will not ordinarily be admitted as an execuse for delay in the return of book.

12. If the due date falls on a holiday, the next working day will be taken as the due date.

13. If a book is lost or damaged the student is liable to replace the book or to pay the cost of the book to purchase a new copy.

14. Any marking, underlining of annotation in the books is forbidden. When a book is retumed, it will be examined and if any book is found to be marked or damaged, the matter will be reported to the principal for disciplinary action.

15. The principal may, at his discretion exclude any student from the privileges of the college library who fails to return the book in time or fails to pay the fines he has incurred or who misbehaves in the library.

16. Any loss of a “Borrower’s Ticket” should be reported immediately to the Librarian. Duplicate ticket will be issued on payment of Rs. 5/- for each ticket.

17. The Reading Room: The periodicals supplied by the library are available to students between 9-30 A.M. and 4-00P.M. only during the working days of the library.

18. Periodicals and other dailies available in the reading room should not be taken outside the reading room.

19. Students causing any damage to any periodical shall be required to compensate the loss and they shall be subject to further disciplinary action.

20. Strict silence and decorum should be observed in the library.